Between Dundonald and Newtownards you find the townland of Killarn.

Killarn lies to the south of Craigantlet and east of Carrowreagh, and includes some of the fields in the middle of this photo taken from the Carrowreagh Road.

Scrabo 2 from Carrowreagh Road

Travelling from Dundonald, the first landmark in Killarn is the Old Mill, which was a restaurant when I first posted this blog, but has since closed..

Dundonald Old Mill
Dundonald Old Mill wheel Killarn

On the fields adjoining the Belfast Road, cattle reared in Killarn look pretty healthy.

Killarn Angus cattle

There’s plenty for humans to eat too, at McKee’s Farm Shop and Restaurant.

Mckees sign and cow
McKees veg

Next time I may even try the golden beetroot.

As usual, the PLACENAMESNI website is the place to go for the origin of the townland name.  They consider that Killarn probably derives from the Irish Cill Earnáin meaning “Earnán’s church”.

Scrabo from McKees Killarn

If you are researching the history of your family in Killarn, I recommend Derek Beattie’s website “Newtownards: A Pictorial History” 


Click here for the Killarn page on a local history website 

Click here for the website for McKees Country Store and Restaurant.

Which civil parish is Killarn in?  Newtownards.

Which townlands border Killarn?  Across the fields towards Dundonald is Carrowreagh. Heading uphill, you reach Craigogantlet. Cross the Holywood Road and you enter Ballyskeagh High and Ballybarnes.  Cross the Belfast Road and you find Greengraves and Ballyrogan.

Which council area is Killarn in?  Ards and North Down Borough Council

Which county is Killarn in?  County Down

And finally, click here to see a map of Killarn and to read about the townland’s name on my usual source – PLACENAMESNI.ORG.



  1. The vegetarian in me is happy there are beets, cupcakes and coffee – what a combo! 🙂 The market produce looks far to healthy and good too. Yum! (can you tell its close to lunch time here in Mumbai??)


    • The food in this area would suit everyone. Superb vegetables for the vegetarian; local beef for the carnivore. Particularly good strawberries this year too. I promise to take you there if you ever make it to Northern Ireland.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Funny how when I just joined Uni and planned to get to 3 “I” countries before graduating – Ireland, Israel & India. Thinking it would be in that order. Managed to get to Israel that summer, then India and still haven’t been to Ireland in the 25+ years since!! Much overdue 🙂


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