Ballylisbredan and Ballyoran becoming Coopers Mill and Millmount Village

This page is the first step in a larger project recording changes to the townlands of Ballyoran and Ballylisbredan.

Only sign of the townland name of Ballylisbredan
New housing estate Millmount Village in Ballylisbredan
Millmount Village Drive sign
The entrance to Millmount Village is to the left of this image
View of old Millmount house from new Millmount Village
Sign at junction of Millmount Road and Greengraves Road
Bethesda photographed from Greengraves Road in October 2014
Aerial photo of Ballyoran Mills printed and framed, hanging in Cooper family home.
Coopers Mill Avenue built on the site of Ballyoran Mills
Plan for Greengraves Gate noted ‘opening formed in existing hedge linking site path to future site’
New homes using townland name of Ballyoran

Millmount Road crosses three townlands: Ballymaglaff, Ballylisbredan and Ballyoran.
White line still visible at the abandoned junction of the Millmount Road and the A22 Belfast to Comber Road.
Beginning of landscaping of the mill green in September 2019
Construction site for Greengraves Gate
Name stone for Bethesda, photographed from Greengraves Road in October 2014
Hoarding advertising new homes at Coopers Mill in 2013
In 2010 the line of the Barrack Hill lane behind the ploughed field was marked by gorse and hedges
A path has been cut through the Barrack Hill lane as marked on the plan for Greengraves Gate