So how did this blog start?

I used to work in London, in a world of law, writing and politics.  The job was always interesting, but it took up all of the space in my brain.   Things changed when my husband went to work overseas.   I took a break from my career while we lived in China and India, and started a blog called Distant Drumlin.

We returned to London at the beginning of 2014.  After a few years away from work, with freedom to think about other stuff, life seemed richer and I didn’t want to go back to the office.  So I retired.

That gave me plenty of time to write about London on Distant Drumlin, and to take part in a photography project called Bleeding London, in which some of my photos were chosen for an exhibition in London’s City Hall.  I loved the combination of walking, exploring, observing and capturing images, so I decided to carry that enthusiasm over to Northern Ireland and its townlands.  Now I spend part of my time in London, and part of my time in the townland of Ballyoran, County Down.

Newtownards Commons from Scrabo KCIf you live in any of the townlands mentioned here, or if you recognise a place in the photos, or if you are researching your family history and your ancestors come from a townland that I’ve featured (or haven’t featured yet), please leave me a comment, or contact me using the form below.

Can I use your photos?

Karolyn Cooper takes the photos, and writes the text, on this website. If you want to use or copy any of the material from the site, you need my permission.  Go ahead and ask – I will probably say yes. You can use the contact form on this page.

I hope you enjoy the blog,

Karolyn Cooper

KC Newcastle Harbour

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