Town Parks of Comber

I’ve walked the Comber Greenway and shared photos from Ballymacarrett Intake to Ballyloughan, without ever reaching the town of Comber.  Until today.

Comber signThere are records from 1606 of two names for this townland.  One is Ballimonaster, from the Irish Baile na Mainistreach meaning “townland of the monastery”, referring to a Cistercian abbey founded in 1199.   The site of the abbey church is now occupied by St Mary’s Church.

Comber church and market In my photo of the church you can see the top of some green tents.  The tents appear on the first Thursday of every month for Comber Market.  My favourite stall from September’s market was from the Go Yeast micro-bakery.

Comber market bread stallOn non-market days, you can shop in Supervalu.

Comber SupervaluAnother townland name recorded in 1606 was Ballicumber.  This name comes from the Irish Baile an Chomair meaning “townland of the confluence”, and has given us the modern name Comber.   Confluence could describe a couple of things.   It could mean the place where the Enler River (which ran along beside me through Church Quarter and Ballymaglaff) joins the Glen River to become the Comber River (pictured here flowing under Ward Bridge).

Comber River near Park WayOr it could mean the place where the Comber River flows out into Strangford Lough (forming a boundary between the townlands of Town Parks, Cherryvalley and Carnasure).

Comber RiverSince the 1600s however, Comber has grown into a substantial town, and these old townland names have been replaced by “Town Parks”.  I managed to find an apt image, of a park in the town.

Comber RecIf you are interested in the history of Comber, have a look at the website of the Comber Historical Society.  Even better, if you are in the area in September, go along to Comber Library to see the Society’s exhibition of photographs and information about Comber from prehistoric times up to the present.

Now I should bring you right up to date with news from Comber.  The Comber & District Horticultural Society held its annual show on 12th September, with prize chrysanthemums…

Comber show chrysanthemum tableand prize potatoes….

Comber show potato table…..and even prize photographs from me!

Comber show photograph tableComber show Photo Services Cup


Click here for the website for Comber Library.  The library hosts the historical exhibition during library opening hours until 30 September 2015.

Click here for the website of the Comber Historical Society.

Click here for the website of the Comber & District Horticultural Society.

Click here to read more about the Enler River and Comber on the website of the Inler Angling Club.

Which townlands border Town Parks?   Clockwise from the Enler River, Ballyloughan, Mount Alexander, Ballyhenry Minor, Cherryvalley, Carnasure, Ballymagaughey, Trooperfield and BallyaltikilliganClick here for a hand-drawn map of the townlands in and around Comber, produced by Ros Davies.

Which civil parish is Town Parks in?  Comber

Which county is Town Parks in?  County Down

And finally, click here to see a map of Town Parks of Comber and to read about the townland’s name on my usual source – PLACENAMESNI.ORG.


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