Today’s townland is Carnasure, on the south side of Comber, County Down.

Carnasure is a mixture of farmland and homes, lying between the Killinchy Road and the Old Ballygowan Road.

Before the modern housing developments, the Andrews family of Comber were the owners of Carnesure House and Carnesure Farm.

In the 20th century Carnesure House had a royal guest. It was March 1946 when Princess Elizabeth, the future Queen Elizabeth II, came to the townland of Carnasure. Princess Elizabeth’s former lady-in-waiting Elizabeth King was living in Carnesure House, and the princess visited Comber to become godmother to baby Lavinia King.

I doubt the princess travelled by bus, but for the rest of us, the first sign of the existence of this townland is the bus stop on the Killinchy Road. Do you see the way the townland name is spelled here? All the local streets do this, using CarnEsure with an E, instead of the official CarnAsure with an A.

Here are some of the CarnEsure streets accessed from the Killinchy Road.

And one accessed from the Old Ballygowan Road.

These residential parts of Carnasure are well-kept and leafy (just in case they play host to future royal visits?)

Finally, here is yet another way to spell the townland name, Carneysure, on a Comber gravestone.


As with all Comber townlands, I point you in the direction of the Comber Historical Society.  Click here for their website.

Click here for a hand-drawn map of the townlands in and around Comber, produced by Ros Davies.

Click here for the website for Comber Library.

Which civil parish is Carnasure in?  Comber

Which county is Carnasure in?  County Down

Which townlands border Carnasure?  To the north, Town Parks.  To the west, Ballynichol, Ballywilliam and Ballymagaughey.  To the east, Cattogs and Cherryvalley.

Click here for a map of Carnasure on

And finally, click here to read about the townland’s name on my usual source PLACENAMESNI.ORG


    • That’s a fascinating insight into your own family history, woven into the history of the town of Comber – thank you.
      Do you know anything about the name Cuttles that appears in some of the street names? Who or what was Cuttles?


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