Ballyhenry (Major and Minor)

There are Ballyhenrys in half a dozen Irish counties. Today’s post looks at two of them near Comber, County Down:  Ballyhenry Major and Ballyhenry Minor.

Ballyhenry TD signBoth Henrys lie on south-facing slopes, downhill from Scrabo.  You can see the location better in this wider shot.

Ballyhenry TD sign and ScraboAccording to PLACENAMESNI, the name Henry was brought to this area by the Anglo-Normans, and Ballyhenry Major means “Henry’s big townland” and in Irish would be Baile Héinrí Mór.   I hope the eponymous Henry likes brussels sprouts, because someone has been harvesting a lot of them in his townland.

sprout field (1)As you go downhill towards Strangford Lough, the townland changes from Ballyhenry Major to Ballyhenry Minor.  Farmland gives way to the Dermott and Moorfield housing developments on the edge of Comber, where residents are still making good use of the fertile soil.

ballyhenry minor moor field housesTownland names are often recorded on 18th and 19th century gravestones, like this one in Comber churchyard.

Comber grave Ballyhenry 1840 Adair


Which townlands border Ballyhenry Major?  Mount Alexander, Ballyrickard, Castlebeg, Unicarval, BallyaltonKillynether, and Ballyhenry Minor.

Which townlands border Ballyhenry Minor? Mount Alexander,  Ballyhenry Major, Ballyrickard, Glass Moss, Cherryvalley and Town Parks of Comber.

Which civil parish are the Ballyhenry townlands in?  Comber

Which county are the Ballyhenry townlands in?  County Down

And finally, click here to see a map of Ballyhenry Major and to read about the townland’s name on my usual source – PLACENAMESNI.ORG. OR  Click here for Ballyhenry Minor.


    • I just noticed your comment, many weeks later. Thank you for appreciating the blossoms (I agree, they are lovely) and the sprouts (I’m a sprout-hater, but my husband likes them).

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  1. […] Not everyone wants to buy the complete stalk, so it’s more usual to see individual loose sprouts on sale.  When the sprouts are harvested, the bare stalks are left behind in the field.  I captured this image of a sprout field in March 2015 for my other website, Townlands of Ulster. […]


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