Day 6 of my Summer Season, and I’m still on the south-eastern coast of the Ards Peninsula in County Down.  Remember my post on Kearney?  From there I headed south round the headland into the townland of Knockinelder.

Knockinelder road signsThis is Knockinelder Bay.  The outer edges of the bay are in the townlands of Kearney and Ballymarter, but the middle of the bay is in Knockinelder.

Knockinelder bay and field If in doubt about the townland, just look at the name of the house beside the carpark.

Knockinelder house sign (1)

The PLACENAMESNI website suggests that the origin of the townland name was the Irish Cnoc an Iolair meaning “hill of the eagle”.

If you want to leave your bike or car and continue on foot, follow the map on the carpark information panel for a beautiful walk to Kearney and back.  You will see some birds, but an eagle is unlikely.

Knockinelder walk route signWildflowers along the shore include the Bird’s Foot Trefoil (lotus corniculatus) also known as “Butter and Eggs”, “Eggs and Bacon”, or “Hen and Chickens”.  Here is a link to Zoe Devlin’s website, which is a mine of information about Irish wildflowers, and which describes the bird’s-foot-trefoil as “this much loved little yellow pea-flowered perennial…which brightens up roadsides, sandhills, stone-walls and most grassy places”.

Knockinelder flowersOr you can stay in the bay and relax.

Knockinelder bayOne of my friends swims here regularly.  The water is clear and, she claims, not cold!

Knockinelder sand

more information

Which county is Knockinelder in?   County Down

Which civil parish is Knockinelder in?   Ballyphilip

Which townlands border Knockinelder?   To the northeast, Dooey and Kearney.

To the northwest, Ballyrusley.

To the southwest, Ballymarter.

Click here to see a map of Knockinelder on Townlands.IE.

And finally, click here to read more about the townland name on PLACENAMESNI.ORG.


  1. […] I haven’t seen inside the castle, but I can tell you that the sea views round here are beautiful.  Here are some images from the nearby shore, taken from the Knockinelder carpark, together with a suggested walk (also posted in my blog from Knockinelder). […]


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