Today’s townland is Cregagh, in Belfast.

The townland name has been used widely, creating the odd situation where Cregagh Road and Cregagh housing estate are in Ballymaconaghy  townland, not Cregagh. Instead, Cregagh townland is a bit further east, as shown in dark green on this map. It includes streets like Stirling, Rochester and Downshire, and part of Montgomery Road.

The southern part of the townland is the beginning of the Castlereagh Hills. There’s a lovely footpath here, in Cregagh Glen.  The glen forms the boundary between Ballymaconaghy  and Cregagh.

According to PLACENAMESNI the name Cregagh comes from the Irish An Chreagaigh meaning “the rocky place”.  Which makes perfect sense when you walk here.

And it’s not surprising that the road beside the glen is “Rocky Road”.

At the top of the hill Manse Road marks the end of Cregagh townland. I’m marking the end of this post with a sycamore leaf on the rocky riverbed of Cregagh Glen.

more information

There is a good description of the walk along Cregagh Glen written by Linda Stewart in the Belfast Telegraph from 2012.

Which county is Cregagh in?  County Down

Which civil parish is Cregagh in?  Knockbreda

Which townlands border Cregagh? To the north, Lisnasharragh.  To the east, Castlereagh.  To the south, Lisnabreeny. To the west, Ballymaconaghy  .

Click here for a map of Cregagh on Townlands.IE.

And finally, click here to read about the townland’s name on my usual source – PLACENAMESNI.ORG.


  1. […] Ballymaconaghy occupies the land between the Glencregagh Road (steep and twisty, but suitable for cars) and the Cregagh Glen (steep and twisty and suitable only for bloggers in hiking boots). That’s an exaggeration: Cregagh Glen actually has a well-signposted and popular path through the woods, which I also mentioned in my post from the townland of Cregagh. […]


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