Today’s townland is Carnamuck, in East Belfast. When I think of this area, I think mainly of roads.

Not just roads, but also petrol stations.  This Spar shop, car wash and BP filling station on the Knock Road are in Carnamuck.

I’ve made a map of the townland, complete with a little black pump to mark the location of that petrol station.

Getting off the road and away from the traffic, I appreciated the colour of Carnamuck’s trees in  October.

Leaves had grown everywhere on this tree near Roddens Crescent, even on the oldest, largest branches.

July was even better, with bushes flowering among the warehouses, factories and trolleys of Prince Regent Road.

None of the streets use the name of Carnamuck. I guess people don’t like the sound of living in muck. Would it be any better if they understood the Irish version of the name? According to the PLACENAMESNI website, Carnamuck comes from Ceathrú na Muc meaning ‘quarterland of the pigs’.

When given a choice to name a new footpath, the public ignored both muck and pigs and chose instead some fictional animals from C.S. Lewis’s Narnia books called Marsh-wiggles.

So my only written evidence of Carnamuck is a bus timetable (the same one that gave me Slatady last week).

more information

The Marsh-wiggle Way is part of the Connswater Community Greenway.  It is also mentioned on my blogpost from Knock townlandClick here to read about it.

Which county is Carnamuck in?  County Down

Which parish is Carnamuck in? Knockbreda

Which townlands border Carnamuck?  To the east, Knock and Braniel.  To the west, Multyhogy and Lisnasharragh.  To the south, Castlereagh.

Click here for a map of Carnamuck on Townlands.IE.

And finally, click here to read about the townland’s name on my usual source – PLACENAMESNI.ORG.


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