Today’s townland is Tullynagee in County Down.  I haven’t travelled far from my last post, as Tullynagee is just to the north of Sunday’s townland of Kilmood and Ballybunden, between Ballygowan and Lisbane.

The Tullynagee Road runs through the townland, and then continues north into Ballygraffan townland.

Tullynagee signWhen I visited in February, the most abundant crop in Tullynagee was the cabbage.

Tullynagee vegetablesAccording to the PLACENAMESNI website, the name Tullynagee comes from the Irish Tulaigh na Gaoithe meaning “hillock of the wind”.

I stopped on Lisbarnet Road to photograph Tullynagee Lough.

Tullynagee loughThe area around the lough has been designated as a Site of Local Nature Conservation Importance”.

Tullynagee lakeThe swans and I agree that it’s worth preserving.

Tullynagee swans wings upThe local graveyard is in Kilmood, where I found this headstone for the Gibson family of Tullynagee.

Kilmood gravestone for Gibson of Tullynagee

more information

Click here for a link to a map of Tullynagee on Townlands.IE

Which other townlands border Tullynagee?   Clockwise from the north, Lisbarnet, Ballyministragh, Kilmood & Ballybunden, Drumreagh, Magherascouse and Ballykeel.

Which civil parish is Tullynagee in?  Kilmood

Which county is Tullynagee in?  County Down

And finally, click here to read the history of the townland’s name on my usual source, PLACENAMESNI.ORG.


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