Kilmood & Ballybunden

Today’s townland has a double name: Kilmood and Ballybunden.  The townland is situated in County Down, between Ballygowan and Killinchy.

According to the PLACENAMESNI website, Ballybunden comes from a family name, possibly Baile Uí Bhuanáin meaning “townland of Ó Buanáin”.

Ballybunden road signKilmood is also the name of the parish, and of the hamlet where I visited this church – St Mary’s Church of Ireland.

Kilmood churchyardFrom PLACENAMESNI, I learned that an earlier church, known in Irish as Cill Mo Dhiúid or in English as “Mo Dhiúid’s church”, gave rise eventually to the name “Kilmood”.

Kilmood signs

When I visited this townland in October 2015, the harvest was in full swing.

Ballybunden harvest (1) But since I’m posting this on a lazy Sunday morning, let’s have some more relaxing pictures of the animals of Kilmood & Ballybunden.

Ballybunden cow Ballybunden cowsThe churchyard at Kilmood has inscriptions for both halves of the townland name, on separate gravestones.

Headstone for McMillen of Kilmood in Kilmood

Headstone for Patterson of Ballybunden in Kilmood


more information

Click here to see more photographs of gravestones relating to Kilmood & Ballybunden.

Click here for a link to a map of Kilmood & Ballybunden on Townlands.IE

Which other townlands border Kilmood & Ballybunden?   To the north, Tullynagee.  To the east, Ballyministragh.  To the south, Balloo and Ballymacashen.  To the west, Drumreagh.

Which civil parish is Kilmood & Ballybunden in?  Kilmood

Which county is Kilmood & Ballybunden in?  County Down

And finally, click here to read the history of the townland’s name on my usual source, PLACENAMESNI.ORG


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