Tullynagardy is a townland near Newtownards, County Down.  Two roads run through the townland: Tullynagardy Road and Crawfordsburn Road.

Tullynagardy Road sign

This is what I like to see – old townland names being re-used for 21st century streets.

Tullynagardy Apartments sign

Do the people buying apartments see themselves as artisans?  According to the PLACENAMESNI website, the name Tullynagardy is derived from the Irish Tulaigh na gCeardaithe meaning “hill of the artisans, artificers”.

Tullynagardy Apartments artists impression

Concord Farm has been on Tullynagardy hill for much longer, and they have a lovely sign at the entrance.

Concord Farm sign

Tullynagardy farm gate


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