The townland of Ballywatticock has been all over the news today, setting records on a scorching summer day. For example, here is a tweet from the BBC’s Weather Presenter, Barra Best.

But how many people know where to find Ballywatticock? Head out of Newtownards on the Bowtown Road or the Portaferry Road. When you reach the settlement of Loughries, you are in the right neighbourhood.

Loughries Ballywatticock

I would describe Ballywatticock as the gateway to the Ards Peninsula.

Ballywatticock gate

The houses of Loughries are in Ballywatticock, but the Primary School is actually in the neighbouring townland of Loughriscouse.

According to the website of the Northern Ireland Place-name Project , the name Ballywatticock comes from an English surname. Which has had several spellings over the years. I had to get down low to read this stone in Movilla graveyard, for a family in Ballywitticock with ‘i’ instead of ‘a’.

I can’t promise that the Ards Peninsula, Loughries or Ballywatticock will always have these temperatures, but the countryside is still beautiful all year round.


Which county is Ballywatticock in? County Down

Which civil parish is Ballywatticock in?  Newtownards

Which townlands border Ballywatticock?  To the north, Ballyalicock and Loughriscouse. To the east, Ballyhaft. To the south, Bootown. To the west, Ballyreagh

Click here to see a map of Ballywatticock on Townlands.IE.

And finally, click here to read about the townland name on PLACENAMESNI.ORG.


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