Today’s townland is Glastry, on the Ards Peninsula. Glastry lies inland, though nowhere on the peninsula is really far from the sea.

Glastry has a “Main Road” but it’s not exactly massive, or busy with traffic.

I’m sure there would be more traffic on a school day, as this townland is home to Glastry College.

Glastry is mostly farmland, so I’m happy to go along with the theory on the website of the Northern Ireland Place-Names Project that the original Irish name of the townland An Ghlasrach meant ‘the green grassy area’.

Here is an image of one part of Glastry that uses its green grassy area for sport instead of farming.

The people at Glastry Farm have come up with another good use for their townland’s green grass: feeding cows to give milk to make ice cream!

I’ll let you guess whether I hijacked the van or bought my tubs of Glastry Farm ice cream from a shop in the neighbouring townland of Ballyhalbert.


Which county is Glastry in? County Down

Which civil parish is Glastry in? St Andrews alias Ballyhalbert

Which townlands border Glastry? To the north, Ballylimp. To the east, Ballyesborough, Ballyhemlin, Ballyhalbert. To the south, Ballygraffan. To the west, Rowreagh and Kircubbin.

Click here for a map of Glastry on www.townlands.IE.

And finally, click here to read more about the townland’s history on the website of the Northern Ireland Place-names Project.


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