Ballymaglave North and South

Did you see the benches in my post on Ballynahinch? I’m back in the same market square to collect two more townlands: Ballymaglave North and Ballymaglave South.

The Ballynahinch river divides the townland of Ballynahinch from the townlands of Ballymaglave North and South. Here’s the shopping trolley/kingfisher perch again.

I spent a relaxing morning in Ballymaglave visiting the Montalto Estate with a good friend. We followed the advice to “slow down and take comfort in the natural beauty around you”, but only after we had taken extra helpings of comfort in the café.

The long Montalto driveway starts on Spa Road in Ballymaglave South, and ends at the big house in Ballymaglave North.

According to the website of the Northern Ireland Place-Name Project, the division of Ballymaglave into two townlands is recorded in the 17th century. The Montalto formal gardens are in the North.

In the Church of Ireland graveyard in Ballynahinch I found this gravestone for the Armstrong family. The origin of the name Ballymaglave is the Irish Baile Mhig Fhlaithimh meaning ‘McGlave or Claffey’s holding’. I wonder if these McGlaves were connected to the McGlaves of Ballymaglaff, a townland close to my home and the subject of one of the earliest posts on  this website.

more information

Which civil parish is Ballymaglave North in?  Magheradrool

Which county is Ballymaglave North in?  County Down

Which townlands border Ballymaglave North?   To the north, Ballykine Lower. To the east, Ballynahinch. To the south, Ballymacarn South and Ballymaglave South. To the west, Ballykine Upper and Ballymacarn North.

Click here for a map of Ballymaglave North on Townlands.IE.  Or here for Ballymaglave South.

And finally, click here to see a map of Ballymaglave North and to read about the townland’s name on my usual source – PLACENAMESNI.ORG.   Or here for Ballymaglave South.


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