Why didn’t I stay longer in the townland of Tara?  Because just next door was the lovely beach of Millin Bay in Keentagh townland.

Millin Bay beach KeentaghThe atmosphere here was so peaceful, that I stopped exploring and sat down to take photos of shells and waves.

Millin Bay wave Keentagh

Milliin Bay shell in KeentaghThe only drama comes from the rock formations.  Something must have happened in the past to produce these folded rocks…

Keentagh rock Millin Bay….and these spiky ones…..

Millin Bay spiky rocks Keentagh…and don’t even get me started on this spiky barrier out to sea.

Rocks out at sea from Keentagh


Which county is Keentagh in?   County Down

Which parish is Keentagh in?   Ballyphilip (reassigned from Witter)

Which townlands border Keentagh?  To the north,Craigaroddan and Ballymarter.

To the west, Ballyfounder,  Killydresser, and Tieveshilly.

To the southeast, Tara.

Click here to see a map of Keentagh on TOWNLANDS.IE.

Click here to read more about the townland name on the website of



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