Today’s townland is Lisleen, a patchwork of fields between Belfast and Comber.  It’s not far from Gransha and Moneyreagh.

Lisleen meadowsAccording to the PLACENAMESNI website, the name Lisleen probably comes from the Irish Lios Lín meaning “fort of the flax”.  There is a record of a flax mill in 1837, but today there are no forts or flax-growers in the townland.

Even without the forts and flax, the townland name will survive, as it is used for every road in the district.  Let’s start with the simple one, Lisleen Road.  The southern half of this road is in Lisleen townland; its northern half is in Gilnahirk.

Lisleen Road and fenceThere is also a Lisleen Road East which is split between the townlands of Lisleen and Ballyhanwood.

Lisleen Road EastFinally, you can follow Lisleen Road South from Lisleen townland into Moneyreagh townland.

I’ve been photographing this area for a while, because my family own some of these fields.  I captured the snow on the fields back in January 2015.

lisleen snowToday the fields are mostly grazed by cattle belonging to another farmer.  These animals were standing right by the gate when I turned up in July 2016.

Lisleen cows 2 Really? You’re our landlord’s daughter? No way! Moooove out of our way!

Lisleen cows


more information


Which county is Lisleen in?  County Down

Which parish is Lisleen in? Comber

Which townlands border Lisleen?   To the north, Gilnahirk and Ballyhanwood.

To the east, Gransha, and a small corner of Ballymaglaff.

To the south, Moneyreagh and Ballykeel.

To the west, Crossnacreevy.

Click here to see a map of Lisleen on TOWNLANDS.IE.

Click here to read more about the townland name on the website of






  1. Hi Folks. This is very interesting to read about old townlands as I love history,

    My name is Glenn Black and I live in Dundonald

    I have 3 young kids all with special needs who take up a lot of my time,

    On the very odd occassion when I get an hour to myself, I love to go Metal Detecting as a hobby

    My current fields that I have permission on I have detected many many times over and I am now in need of some new fields to detect on.

    Would there be any kind land owners on here that wouldnt mind me detecting on their fields?

    I always cover up any holes I dig and take any rubbish home with me and treat all land with respect.

    I am fully insured and a member of the NCMD

    There is only ever me and no one else that goes detecting

    It would only ever be for an hour or so on the odd weekend or on a very bright evening

    Many thanks


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