I love coming back to the shores of Strangford Lough.  I’ve already explored Ballydorn and Tullynakill for this blog.  Between those townlands I found the townland of Ballymartin.

Ballymartin fieldsBallymartin looks great in all seasons.  I captured the image above in June 2016; the next photo was taken back in October 2015.

Ballymartin harvestI hope the landowners of Ballymartin don’t mind me “shooting” with my camera.

Ballymartin shooting reserved sign

Ballymartin fields and lough

Two roads cross this townland – the Ardmillan Road and the Ballymartin Road.

Ballymartin townland signThe Ardmillan Road leads (unsurprisingly) to the village of Ardmillan.  If you’re looking for a home by the side of the lough, maybe choose something more modern than this one.

Ardmillan ruined window BallymartinThe southeastern boundary of Ballymartin townland is the Blackwater river, crossed by this bridge.

Ardmillan bridge in BallymartinAccording to the PLACENAMESNI website, the name Ballymartin comes from the Irish Baile Mhártain meaning “Martin’s townland”.  Who was Martin?  Probably Saint Martin, but just possibly other people surnamed Martin.

This grave for the Little family of Ballymartin is in Killinchy Presbyterian churchyard.

Headstone for Little of Ballymartin in Killinchy

more information

Which county is Ballymartin in?   County Down

Which parish is Ballymartin in?   Tullynakill

Which townlands border Ballymartin?   To the north, Tullynakill and Lisbane.  To the east, Ballydorn.    To the south-east, Craigarusky.   To the south-west, Ballyministragh.

Finally , click here for the PLACENAMESNI website to read more about the history of the name Ballymartin.  


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