Ireland has ten townlands called Drumreagh, of which three are in County Down.  Today I’m exploring the one between the villages of Killinchy and Ballygowan. This is a large rural townland, spread across farmland between the Moss Road and Kilcarn Road. It includes an old burial site – Kilcarn graveyard.  The eastern boundary is marked by the Blackwater River and Capel Water, which eventually merge and flow into Strangford Lough. The first part of the name is straightforward: “Drum” comes from the Irish Droim meaning “ridge”.  My father and I once struggled up the hill to that ridge with an ailing tractor that only just made it to be repaired by Martin Hanna of Drumreagh. The “reagh” part of the name is not so clear.  The suggestions from PLACENAMESNI are Riabhach meaning “grey”, Creiche meaning “the foray” and Croidh meaning  “cattle”.  I will go with cattle. Yet another Irish version appears on this road sign – Droim Creamha. This would give a lovely origin – the townland of the wild garlic.  

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Which county is Drumreagh in?  County Down Which parish is Drumreagh in?  Killinchy Which townlands border Drumreagh?   To the north, Magherascouse.   To the east, Kilmood and Ballybunden.   To the south, Barnmaghery, Raffrey and Ballymacashen.   To the west, Carrickmannan. Click here to see gravestones related to this townland. Click here to see a map of the townland on Townlands.IE. And finally, click here to read more about the history of the townland name on PLACENAMESNI.org.


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