Ballyfounder and Killydressy

Today I’m giving you two townlands for the price of one.  In recent posts I have followed the Ballyfounder Road out of Portaferry town and through the rural townlands of Ballynichol and Ballytrustan.

ballyfounder-ballynichol-signThe next two townlands along the Ballyfounder Road are its namesake – Ballyfounder – and then Killydressy.  But I have a problem: I can’t remember exactly where I took any of these photos.

Somewhere along the Ballyfounder Road, is this lovely tree-lined curve.  But is it in Killydressy or Ballyfounder? I just don’t recall.

ballyfounder-road-in-killydressyAs usual I took a photo of a farm gate, but stupidly, I didn’t record its location.

gate-on-ballyfounder-roadAccording to the PLACENAMESNI website, the name Killydressy probably comes from the Irish Ceathrú Dhreasach meaning “brambly quarter”.

As for Ballyfounder, PLACENAMESNI describes it as an Anglo-Norman name which has been gaelicized (just like Ballyphilip and Ballytrustan).  In this case the Anglo-Norman version was “Punyertoun”, named for a family called Poyner or or Le Puinnur.

Unfortunately my photos show neither brambles nor Normans. I have only cattle.

ballyfounder-cowsMost of them were resting in a field somewhere in Killydressy or Ballyfounder.  One more curious beast was peering through the hedge.

cow-behind-hedge-killydressyIs it too late for New Year Resolutions? I resolve to take better field notes!

more information

Which county are Ballyfounder and Killydressy in?   County Down

Which parish are Ballyfounder and Killydressy in?   Ballyphilip

Which townlands border Ballyfounder?  To the north, Ballywierd.  To the east, inland, Keentagh and Craigaroddan. To the south, Killydressy.

Which townlands border Killydressy?  To the north, Ballyfounder.  To the east, Keentagh. To the west, Ballytrustan and Granagh.  To the south, Tieveshilly.

Click here to see a map of Killydressy on TOWNLANDS.IE.

Click here to see a map of Ballyfounder on TOWNLANDS.IE.

Click here to read more about the name Killydressy on

Click here to read more about the name Ballyfounder on



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