Today’s townland is Ballyloughan in County Down.

Ballyloughan Farm signThe townland is bisected by two main routes.  Cars and buses use the A22 road to drive between Dundonald and Comber.  Walkers and cyclists have something infinitely better – the Comber Greenway.

Comber Greenway SignStarting from Comber, the Greenway follows the route of a disused railway line into Belfast.  It’s seven miles long, but you don’t have to walk the full length all at one go – there are lots of different access points.  This is what the Ballyloughan stretch looked like in February 2015.

Greenway Ballyloughan Turning to the right, this was my view towards Killynether and Scrabo.

Castlebeg Unicarval (1)In total, the Greenway passes through fourteen townlands: Ballyloughan, Ballystockart, Ballyrainey, Ballyrussell, Ballymaglaff, Ballybeen, Church Quarter, Ballymiscaw, Tullycarnet, Ballycloghan, Knock, Ballyhackamore, Ballymacarrett and, finally, Ballymacarret Intake.  I hope to feature every one of them this year, giving an impression of how the Greenway changes as the seasons turn, and as the path approaches the city of Belfast.

I nearly forgot to explain the name of the townland.  Ballyloughan is derived from the Irish Baile an Locháin meaning “townland of the little lake”, but I don’t think there are any lakes there now.  (Read more on the PLACENAMESNI website.)


  1. Look forward to your pics of this route. I’m pretty sure I haven’t been along there yet, and I love to find hidden new places off the beaten path. Gotta say though, that Comber Greenway sign they have there is bloody awful haha. It looks like it was made by a primary school (maybe it was). They really need to give that some sophistication. 😀


  2. […] Ballyhackamore is now Bally-eat-a-more.  Neill’s Hill is one of many restaurants clustered around the Upper Newtownards Road.  It’s named after a station on the Belfast & County Down Railway, which closed in 1950 and is now the site of the Comber Greenway. […]


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